Postdemic (2021)
‘Postdemic’ is a narrative comic following Poki through life thrown into upheaval by a global health crisis. It ties together some memorable moments and heartwarming lessons about how we’re stronger together when navigating this unpredictable world.

Media: Photoshop, Procreate and InDesign

Created by a group of talented MScBMC students: Chris Ly, Amy Jiao, Josh, Emily Tijan, Linda Ding, Anais Lupu, Viola Yu, Livia Nguyen and Xinyi Li. Our team raised $857.00, and overall the event raised $4845.00.

The Bad Days (2020)
‘The Bad Days’ is a children’s book that follows a little girl who experiences mental health challenges. Our goal was to raise awareness for children who have experienced long periods of “Bad Days”.

Media: Charcoal and Photoshop

Written by Grace Hannah, and illustrated by Chris Ly.

Soybean (2022)
Magazine illustration for ReHab Ink.

Media: Illustrator and Procreate
Created By: Chris Ly and Emily Tijan

MushRoom (In Progress)
A game dedicated to the exploration of different types of mushrooms and their properties.

Media: Maya, Unity 3D and Blender

Created By: Anias Lupu, Amy Zhu and Chris Ly