Intimacy: Freesia

“Intimacy: Freesia” is a contemporary work of art that expresses the emotions of isolation and yearning for intimacy. The placement of the hands in the artwork is symbolic of a trust exercise where each person holds the weight of the other simultaneously. This signifies the mutual trust and interdependence that is required in any intimate relationship, whether it be a romantic partnership or a close friendship. The artwork encourages us to reflect on our own experiences of intimacy and to consider the importance of mutual trust and support in our relationships with others. Through its powerful symbolism and thought-provoking imagery, “Intimacy: Freesia” captures the essence of what it means to be intimately connected with another human being.


Graphite on Mylar, on top of a. lightbox.

General Public



During my final year at OCAD University, I create this piece for thesis project. I constructed it using mylar and mounted on a lightbox that glowed with a soothing blue hue.