Postdemic is a narrative comic following Poki through life thrown into upheaval by a global health crisis. It ties together some memorable moments and heartwarming lessons about how we’re stronger together when navigating this unpredictable world.

This comic was created by a group of talented MScBMC students: Chris Ly, Amy Jiao, Josh, Emily Tijan, Linda Ding, Anais Lupu, Viola Yu, Livia Nguyen and Xinyi Li. The comic served as a fundraising tool for the “Vesalius Trust-a-thon, A Virtual Team Challenge”. Our team raised $857.00, and overall the event raised $4845.00.


Procreate, Photoshop & InDesign

General Public



In September 2021, I started my graduate program amid the pandemic. Despite the challenges, we were determined to return to a sense of normalcy, even though our classes were mostly held online.

When our class finally had the chance to meet in person, I organized a group of people who were also interested in participating in the Vesalius Trust-a-thon (2021). It was an exciting time to collaborate with new people and create something artistic together, without knowing each other’s skill sets. We navigated the pandemic and worked together for the first time to bring this piece to life.