The Bad Days

This children’s book features a young girl struggling with loneliness and depression. Join her on a journey of self-discovery as she finds hope through relatable storytelling and vivid illustrations. This valuable resource promotes mental health awareness and provides tools for managing emotions. Parents, teachers, and caregivers can use this empowering tool to start conversations about mental health and reduce the stigma around depression.


Carbon dust, Photoshop and Illustrator

General Public



When Grace and I first started collaborating, we drew inspiration from our own experiences with mental health. For me, the impetus behind creating the ‘monsters’ was the sensation of a heavy weight inside oneself that is difficult to put into words. To capture this feeling, I heavily scribbled with carbon dust and charcoal, resulting in the formation of dark, cat-like shadows. I utilized traditional shading techniques with carbon dust and charcoal and later added color and finer details using Photoshop. I finalized the layout in Illustrator.